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Rive Gauche Avocats is a law firm specialising in business law. We support companies in their projects and help them resolve their disputes. We are a dynamic and experienced team of lawyers specialising in various areas of business law. We put our expertise and know-how to work for our clients, offering them a personalised and high-quality service.

At Rive Gauche Avocats, we listen carefully to our clients and attach great importance to their satisfaction. We work closely with them to understand their needs and offer solutions adapted to their situation.


Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can help you with your projects.

Our values


This charter, which creates enforceable rights and obligations for all, embodies our commitment internally and towards all our clients and partners, and describes in a few words the three cardinal values that inspire us:


  • Open up to others with happiness and humanity;


  • Strive for excellence with straightness and creativity;


  • Value long-term relationships based on trust.


It is with these values in mind and at the heart that we conceive our intergration into society and the usefulness of our activity.


Rive Gauche Avocats is about entrepreneurship and commitment.

It is about sharing mutual trust with our clients and partners, creating value for them and building lasting relationships. Keeping one's word is not a question of variable geometry.


Rive Gauche Avocats means controlled environmental impact.

At Rive Gauche Avocats, we are resolutely committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activity. Our travel plans are designed to keep our carbon footprint under strict control (public transport, bicycles, trains). The right choice is low voltage, recycled or reconditioned, and controlling resources and waste). We are committed to being accountable in this respect, and at the end of our first financial year, we will produce and publish a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Balance ("BEGES") in relation to the firm's activities and its ecosystem. Respect for the planet is now and always.


Rive Gauche Avocats means an inclusive culture. 

At Rive Gauche Avocats, we are attentive to others and respectful of their expectations, ambitions and ideas. An inclusive culture benefits everyone, regardless of social, cultural or ethnic background, political or religious conviction, gender, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, disability, age or skin color. We are committed to treating everyone with respect in order to create an environment where everyone feels empowered and supported in their achievements. Respect for others, solidarity, that is the air we breathe.


Rive Gauche Avocats means data protection. 

At Rive Gauche Avocats, protecting our clients’ and partners' data is a core concern. Working closely with them, we are aware of the central role played by data in corporate assets, and of its often sensitive nature. Our robust IT security measures ensure the confidentiality and integrity of our clients’ and partners' data. Respecting data protection is the guarantee of a reliable collaboration.


We have come to cherish the idea that we are most effective when we are happy and proud of what we do. Striving for excellence on a daily basis certainly does not mean that we take ourselves too seriously or that we have lost our sense of humor!

Nos valeurs
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